Friday, February 2, 2018

Vichy Propaganda

Who knew? The ones about working in Germany are hardly Chamber of Commerce brochures, but part of the Nazi/Vichy program to induce French labor zu arbeiten in service of the German war effort, by dangling the liberation of French POWs (of which my pépère was one) or the promise of advertising the quality of French craftsmanship. Sheesh. Love the deco Übermensch imagery of the second one, as well as the hammer, anvil, Tour Eiffel in the receding horizon, and the high modern gearwheel.

This last one is fascinating from my particular perspective. I had originally, stupidly thought it was related to the Common Market. But, in fact, it's also Vichyiste propaganda, offering a vision of European integration, to be sure, playing on classic French tropes of Albion perfide. Freaky stuff. This thing is huge, like 3' by 5'.

Bipedal Views

Life as seen by one biped, sometimes on two feet, sometimes on two pedals.